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Aubudon Chapter Update March. 2016

Audubon Chapter Update

March 2, 2016




  • is Now Bilingual!
  • 2016 Student Climate & Conservation Congress (Sc3)
  • Migratory Bird Treaty Centennial Webinar
  • Endangered Species Day - May 20
    is Now Bilingual! now offers the entire Field Guide to North American Birds in Spanish, making it the first online, free Spanish-language bird guide of its kind. Not only is the bird guide translated, there is also Spanish content from the award-winning Audubon magazine, news from communities across the Audubon network, and more. Please have a browse—and feel free to use it as a way to support any local outreach efforts to Spanish-speaking communities. Also available on Audubon Works* are social media posts and email text in Spanish, and photos to help you spread this exciting news.

  Barn Swallow / Jeff Reiter

  Barn Swallow / Jeff Reiter / Audubon Photo Awards
Tufted Titmouse / Daniel Gribbin

  Tufted Titmouse / Daniel Gribbin  

2016 Student Climate & Conservation Congress (Sc3)

Early bird applications for the 2016 Student Climate & Conservation Congress end March 15th. Nominate (or self-nominate) a high school student (entering any HS grade in fall 2016) to attend this outstanding opportunity held June 26-July 2, 2016! The weeklong program at USFWS’s National Conservation Training Center imparts environmental leadership skills, providing students with the knowledge and tools necessary to address climate and conservation challenges and to better serve their schools and communities. Includes official community service credit. Find details here, or contact Haven Colgate or Katy Perry at


Migratory Bird Treaty Centennial Webinar

If you are interested in being part of the Centennial celebrations, join the next U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Migratory Bird Treaty Centennial Partners Forum on Thursday, March 10 at 1 p.m. ET. There are plenty of ways to get involved from bird festivals to educational programs to movie screenings and conferences. Webinar login details can be found on Audubon Works*. If you have questions about the forum or the Centennial campaign, please contact Rachel Levin, Migratory Bird Treaty Centennial National Team Lead, at or 703-358-2405.

  Golden Eagle / Daniel O Donnell

  Golden Eagle / Daniel O Donnell
Endangered Species Day Logo  

Endangered Species Day - May 20

On May 20, Endangered Species Day is a special way to highlight success stories and reminders of the importance of protecting the most fragile plants and animals from extinction. And it's a great way to share the story of the 314 bird species threatened by global warming and how best to ensure their survival. This year, many chapter field trips and related activities in May will be registered in the Endangered Species Coalition event calendar. Along with showcasing the important work chapters do to promote species conservation and habitat protection, the site also features good ideas for pairing chapter and Endangered Species Day activities.


*Join the discussion and share resources with others in the Audubon network through Audubon Works.
(Current registration code is worksBobolink).